Join us for four camps focusing on hands on projects.  Camps are one week long and are offered as either a morning or afternoon session.  Each camp has a particular focus and has been designed with fun and real learning as a first priority. Learn everything from 3D Design to Robotics all in one place this summer!Tech Adventure Camp 2016 Leisure Guide
Tech Adventure Camps are hosted by and benefit the Bellingham High School Engineering Club and are staffed by BHS Technology teacher Paul Clement with support from BHS Engineering Club members. All camps take place at Bellingham High School and have full access to technologies unique to the camp topic.  Included in the BHS FabLab are a full computer lab with 3D design CAD software, separate work space, CNC machinery including two Epilog Laser Engravers, four 3-D Printers plus all the construction supplies necessary for all projects and more.

Planning for the camps has included work with the Washington State Common Core Mathematics Standards for Grades 5 and 6 as well as the Next Generation Science Standards.  Student activities in the camps, though rooted in fun and contextual problem solving, are tailored to embrace accepted educational standards and provide foundational work for the coming school year.